Markets and Competition: The globalized economy and the swiftly increasing worldwide wealth are based on the efficient exchange of goods and resources across the seas. The resources of the oceans, nowadays mainly food products and fossil fuels, are an essential contribution to this wealth.

However, the impressing global growth perspectives also cause massive distortions of competition. The German “Mittelstand” alone, cannot prevail against price dumping, industry subventions, and currency manipulations. Instead of engaging in a race of sanctions, we need a confident European trade policy as well as a consequent industrial policy.

Technology & Innovation: Germany the country of innovation, we convince through technology – this is the motto of the German maritime industry and shipbuilding. We only gain customers by offering the better product and having the better production methods increasing our cost efficiency. However, it is a risky and a complex endeavor to continuously seek for the new and innovative, therefore the industry needs reliable policies and instruments to support its efforts.

Environment & Security: As producers of maritime equipment and vessels we stand for the protection of the oceans, the climate as well as our passengers, crew and freight. Increasing demands for security and the protection of environment and climate are impossible without high-tech maritime technology.

Work, Social Commitment & Law: The maritime sector is one of the most prestigious German employers and offers its employees many opportunities within a secure work environment. To support its members and their employees the German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association offers active advice in questions of law, recruitment, education and apprenticeship, as well as in the management of human resources.