Böhm Kabeltechnik GmbH

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Böhm Kabeltechnik GmbH
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böhm Kabel – The distributor of the international cable industry located in Iserlohn, Germany and Zwingen, Switzerland.

Founded in 1989, our owner-managed and medium-sized, family-based company constantly grew and has been trading on international markets for years. Our customers benefit from our long-standing and competent know- how as a service provider and our extensive stock of cables and wires for the industrial sector, construction, cranes and shipping industry.

Special cable types can be constructed and delivered according to specific customer requirements. Our business is especially characterized by our fast and flexible service. böhm Kabel does not just supply products – a key part of our corporate philosophy is to create connections between business partners, employees and companies. Only solid and strong business relationships between acting persons lead to lasting and future-oriented developments. We apply this philosophy.