Eugen-Reintjes-Straße 7

REINTJES GmbH is a globally acting specialist in propulsion technology. Our product portfolio includes high quality marine gearboxes for main drives as well as dredging gearboxes and project specific system solutions such as hybrid drives. For industrial use we offer reliable high speed gearboxes for gas turbines, steam turbines and for compressors.

Each REINTJES product is manufactured with the utmost care and precision and, before leaving the factory, each gear has to pass a test run on one of REINTJES 'own test benches. More than 90,000 gearboxes have now left the REINTJES plant, all manufactured to the highest quality and designed for long, trouble-free operation.

Should a service incident nevertheless occur, within 24 hours a competent service engineer will be on-site to remedy the situation -around the clock and around the globe. The REINTJES service is tailored as individually as our propulsion solutions are being developed.