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Blohm+Voss B.V. & Co. KG
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Since its beginnings in 1877, Blohm+Voss has been located in the heart of the Port of Hamburg, Europe’s third-largest port and an important and respected centre of shipbuilding excellence. With hundreds of new builds to date, over the years this shipyard has forged shipbuilding history and set standards in technology and design. Today, more than ever, Blohm+Voss is a leading provider of innovative and customised solutions for the new build of naval vessels. The shipyard is equipped with vast dock capacities and highly advanced technologies, including multiple floating docks and one of the largest dry docks in Northern Europe.

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Lifting capacity

Covered dock 5

160 m x 28 m

9,000 t

Floating dock 6

162 m x 24 m

9,000 t

Covered dock 10

287 m x 44 m

50,000 t

Floating dock 11

320 m x 52 m

65,000 t

Covered dock 12

143 m x 25 m

6,000 t

Floating dock 16

199 m x 32 m

22,000 t

Dock ELBE 17

351 m x 59 m


7 dockside and quay cranes