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Exomission’s competence lies in the development and distribution of individually tailored exhaust gas after-treatment systems. In addition, using a fuel water emulsion (FWE) technology, we offer a very efficient primary technology for in-cylinder emission reductions.

Within the FEW system, a specific amount of water, depending on the engine load and the fuel consumption, is dosed into the fuel. The mixture of water and fuel is emulsified in a special unit and injected into the engine.

As a result, soot emission can be reduced by up to 90%, NOx emissions by up to 45% and additionally carbon monoxide and hydrocarbonsby up to 30%. Depending on the engine type and operating conditions even a small percentage fuel saving is possible.

For exhaust gas after-treatment, we offer the following technologies, both as standalone systems and in combination with the FWE:

  • SCR system (selective catalytic reduction)to reduce oxides of nitrogen
  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)to reduce particulate emissions

These technologies can be used on the main engines of inland and seagoing vessels, as well as on the on-board power generator engines.