Fachhochschule Kiel Institut für Schiffbau und maritime Technik

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Fachhochschule Kiel Institut für Schiffbau und maritime Technik
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The University of Applied Sciences Kiel is one of the leading institutions for the qualification of bachelor and master engineers in the fields of shipbuilding, maritime technology and offshore industrial engineering. Located in a core region of the German shipbuilding industry, Kiel University holds close connections to shipyards, engineering offices and sub suppliers to support academic-industrial technology exchange and offer various research- and development projects. With these activities it offers an encompassing wealth of knowledge and experience to its students and industrial partners.

The institute for shipbuilding technology comprises 4 full-time professors and 5 scientific employees engaged in the towing tank, wind channel and laboratories for strength- or CAD- applications. These competences are supported by further professors for mechanical engineering and offshore-technology as well as campus faculties for electrical engineering, economy affairs and communication medias.

For R&D projects the university-assigned Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum FH-Kiel GmbH , the YRU (Yacht Research Unit), the IMST (material and surface technology) and the CIMTT (computer integrated manufacturing)are prime addresses for technology transfer or complete project solutions.