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Lloyd's Register EMEA
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The Lloyd’s Register Group is an organisation that works to enhance safetyand to approve assets and systems at sea, on land and in the air. We checkthat assets and systems work so that people and communities around theworld can get on with everyday life. We are driven by a strong sense that whatwe are doing matters.

To make this happen, we set, uphold and apply high technical standards ofdesign, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performanceacross many industries to the benefit of many businesses.

The Lloyd’s Register Group stands apart:Independent, objective, experienced and uncompromising in finding safe andreliable solutions.

The Lloyd's Register Group is a global independent risk management andsafety assurance organisation. Members of the Group provide servicesdesigned to help clients around the world to achieve their business goals, whileoptimising safety and quality, and protecting, even improving, the environment.

We have some 9,500 people in 247 offices worldwide who share our clear pur-pose. We combine our global reach with deep local knowledge – you’ll find ourteams at work all over the world.Since our foundation in 1760 we have responded to change and led the developments that have helped make lives safer and helped businesses prosper.

Because life matters, safety and a responsibility for the environment are notnegotiable. Standards have to be applied consistently. Lloyd's Register has theconfidence, independence and experience to do this. Besides classing ships,we provide a wide range of advisory, consultancy and training services.