Norderwerft Repair GmbH

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Norderwerft Repair GmbH
Reiherstr. 20

Norderwerft has been part of the Port of Hamburg for more than 100 years. To this day, this fully integrated shipyard is renowned for its promptness, flexibility and high quality, offering shipbuilding expertise down to the very last detail. As a key repair shipyard of NVL Group, Norderwerft is responsible for repairs and conversions, modernisations, upgrades and the maintenance of naval vessels and commercial vessels such as container ships up to 200 metres in length. In addition, the shipyard offers services for other types of vessels such as historical boats, tugboats, dredgers and research vessels.

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Lifting capacity

Floating dock 1

164 m x 28 m

12,500 t

Floating dock 2

118 m x 24 m

5,500 t

Floating dock 3

150 m x 23 m

5,000 t

10 dockside and quay cranes


up to 60 t each