SDC Ship Design & Consult GmbH

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SDC Ship Design & Consult GmbH
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Design Services
SDC Ship Design & Consult GmbH offers an integrated design concept for allkind of vessels, including gas, chemical and oil tankers, multi-purpose andcontainer vessels, RoRo vessels, cruising and special vessels.

Our step-by-step design service ensures a fast and efficient detailed designphase together with proactive monitoring of the structural design and con-struction phases.
Our objective is to deliver a design that is complete in itself by the end of thedetailed design phase.

We also assist shipping companies by conceptual designs and feasibilitystudies to assess new opportunities emerging in changing markets.

Consulting and calculation Services
All kind of ship theoretical calculations including stability calculation prior and after delivery of the vessel, e.g. Lightweight survey, draught increase,lengthening, ballast water management, damage control booklets, etc.

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