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Stucke Elektronik GmbH
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stuckeGROUP is an expert company in providing network protection and control systems to both, the shipbuilding industry as well as for industrial applications. In more than 50 years the company has grown very successfully, employing roughly 120 people with offices in Germany, Serbia, India, China, Korea and representations around the world. With an installed base of more than 40.000 protection and control systems, branded under various names of solution partners, we have grown into a market leading position where a large number of medium-voltage switchboard installations in the commercial newbuilding market feature our products. We manufacture our products, including software development, exclusively in Hamburg. Our multifunctional control and protection devices offer engine control, generator protection, motor protection, transformer protection, feeder protection, distance protection, line differential protection, grid protection, Power Management, DP systems, arc protection, reactive power undervoltage protection, grid decoupling and power plant control for low, medium and high voltage systems, for gas and diesel engines, gensets and power units. Besides shipyards and owners we partner with and deliver to system integrators and manufacturers of power distribution systems, in the maritime market as well as to the industry, such as for power plants,  for renewable energy installations or for any type of emergency energy systems. Recently we have launched and already successfully commissioned arc protection systems for both, medium and low voltage switchboard installations, applicable for marine and industry solutions.